We take our responsibilities as an employer very seriously. We take good care of our new employees, but we also challenge them from the very beginning by giving them responsibilities very quickly.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Working in the chemical industry is not just a rewarding job, it pushes to the forefront of the world as a leader and a visionary in terms of collective advancement. Working with a team of highly-motivated individuals will not only ensure personal growth, but will also help you make a difference in the world in a manner few other alternatives can.

A Unique Knowledge Exchange

Working in the chemical industry will provide you with insights and knowledge about the world as a living mechanism in ways that are incomparable.

Specialize Your Repertoire

The skills and experiences acquired from the chemical industry increases one’s value as a specialized professional with a touch of humanism.

Pioneers of Innovation

Stay ahead of the world as you get to witness chemical innovations before the masses!

People + Culture

Join a team of intellectuals and innovators that will help you improve significantly everyday while building a wonderful feature.

Great Leadership And Awesome Team Culture.

Meaningful. Inspiring. Fun. These are a few of the words people use to describe their careers at Redmin. As one of us, you’re encouraged to exercise autonomy in your decision making and also work collaboratively as part of the team. Every position at Redmin is impactful and plays a central role in our projects as well as the growth of the company. For qualified candidates, we offer:

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