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22nd – 25th February 2023

Bespoke Solution

Understanding our customers and catering to their needs are our prime concerns. Each client requirement is handled with great care and thorough R&D is executed to ensure that the clients receive the best possible solution.

Teamwork and Trustworthiness

Collaboration is at the heart of fulfilling all of our objectives in a timely and accurate manner.
The communication in this regard extends beyond the organization and involves the client to ensure a high-quality product.

Integrity and Sustainability

We strive to be available, reliable, and devoted to all of our partnerships. Our focus is to create a sustainable relationship that maintains all aspects including social, economical, and environmental needs to create a healthy balance.

Customer Focus

All of our activities are centered towards the customers and their preferences. Our innovation and business development caters to creating an environment where our clients feel at home and valued to create a meaningful and productive relationship.

Redmin Industries Ltd
Welcome To Redmin Industries Ltd

About Us

Redmin Industries Ltd is a Supplier, Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Distributor of chemicals, chemical Related products & raw materials; established in 2022. It has a wide range of product services including adhesives, thermoplastic resins, ink & packaging solutions, and other supplies of raw materials required by our clients. Our aim is to provide a complete comprehensive chemical solution to our clients based on their application, processes & customized needs. Our excellent R&D, product development and after sales technical support team are capable to cater the needs of complex manufacturing process and able to provide fast, unique & cost-effective solutions and products.

Why Choose Redmin Industries Ltd ?

Every chemical and industrial solution, at your convenience

We manufacture

We are dedicated to manufacturing the high-quality products with competitive price. Moreover, our strong Supply Chain Network makes us a reliable partner.

We are flexible

We know that sometimes the standard specifications do not solve your needs. That’s why we offer customized specifications that meet your special requirements. Contact us to talk about your needs and an R&D team is going to be assigned to work on your request.

We support you

Our multicultural sales and customer service teams are ready to help you throughout the purchase process with reliable information, quick solutions and assistance in every query you might have. Contact us anytime to discuss your projects.

Find Out More About Us

Redmin Industries Ltd is a Supplier, Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Distributor of chemicals, chemical related products & raw materials; established in 2022.
mission & vision
Core Values
our mission


To solve the requirement of chemical and relevant products in Bangladesh as well as global market through remarkable innovation and environment friendly manufacturing technology.



“Breathing life into remarkable chemistry”.

We want be a market leader in the production of specialty chemicals through adaptive improvement. By being innovative, working hard, and taking responsibility for our actions, we will advance as the comprehensive chemical solutions company.

Bespoke Solution

We listen to our customer and identify their specific needs. If the customer is looking for unique and special application for their products, we tailor the product to their need accordingly. We collect their sample and provide it to our R&D team. Then we offer our best possible solution.

Teamwork and Trustworthy

We always collaborate internally to achieve our shared objectives. This cooperation extends outside the confines of our business and includes our clients. Every company partnership is intended to be structured as a win-win. You can rely on us to provide the best quality product for your needs because we are a reliable partner.

Integrity Sustainability

In all our partnerships, whether internal and external, we are a reliable, devoted, and courteous partner. By achieving the best possible balance between environmental, social, and economic needs, we contribute to sustainable development.

Customer Focus

We pay attention to and comprehend the needs of our customers. Meeting these demands is what drives our innovation and business development.


We've created our solutions to be profitable for both us and our clients. We foster an environment where both parties can achieve prosperous outcomes by concentrating on our key beliefs. Collaboration among team members increases profitability.

Provide new experiences for our valued customers with creative products and service excellence.

Make positive contributions to the sustainable development of our society.

Act sincerely as a trusted company.

Our Board of Directors

Sultana Parveen Lucky


S M Nurul Alam Rezvi

Vice Chairman

S M Monjurul Alam Ovee

Managing Director

Raisa Sigma Hima


Rifah Tasnia Swarna


Get In Touch

Fill all information details to consult with us to get sevices from us


    We cater to every chemical need of our clients and tailor every solution according to that individual customer’s demand
    You can place order directly via mail at info@reamin.com.

    Depending on the customers demand, we are flexible when it comes to delivery. In most cases we bore all expenses and logistics of the delivery

    Depending on the customers demand, we are flexible when it comes to delivery. In most cases we bore all expenses and logistics of the delivery

    Our factory is located at Bara Balapur, Paikarchor, Narsingdi Sadar, Narsingdi.


    with innovation and sustainability