Director of Redmin

Rifah Tasnia Swarna

Personal Biography

Dedication and dynamism are the two traits that come to mind when describing our Director, Rifah Tasnia Swarna. Her passion for chemical manufacturing and production makes her the ideal person to assume a leadership role at Redmin Industries Limited.

The youngest director of Redmin Industries Ltd., Rifah Tasnia Swarna who happens to be a young and energetic entrepreneur obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Studies. She brought in her dedication and dynamic leadership traits and stepped in Walton Group with a vision of shaping the Electronics & Electrical Appliances manufacturing sector. Avidly involved in the development of Television product, Ms. Rifah incorporated newest technologies in Television manufacturing and working tirelessly to incorporate more advanced technologies every now and then.

Apart from her vision of shaping the Electronics & Electrical Appliances manufacturing sector, Ms. Rifah has keen interest on petrochemical manufacturing and reinventing the chemical industry to attain a sustainable future because she believes that Bangladesh as a country has diverse scope of manufacturing high-quality grade chemicals which can easily substitute imported products.

Ms. Rifah also founded her own fashion label ‘Savvata’ which clearly gives an idea about the diversity of her qualities as an entrepreneur & a leader. She is currently the Managing Director of Savvata Ltd., Director of Walton Digi-Tech Industries Ltd., Walcart Ltd., Walton Motor Industries Ltd. & Walton Chemical Industries Ltd.