Director of Redmin

Raisa Sigma Hima

Personal Biography

Ms. Raisa Sigma Hima is an extremely energetic and intuitive individual who focuses to shape Redmin with her personal brand of result-driven and optimistic work approach. Her young age and out-put based initiatives make her one of the most spontaneous and reliable figures in the Redmin team. Her extensive experience in dealing with industry qualms first-hand allows her to face every obstacle with a strategic mindset.

Being an entrepreneur, she envisioned a Bangladesh which is self-sufficient in chemical manufacturing and distribution. In the past, the chemical industry of Bangladesh was mostly import based. Walton Chemical Industries Limited was established to rectify this issue in the industry. So, she stepped in as Managing Director of Walton Chemical Industries Limited. From its very inception, Ms. Raisa had her initial focus on the Research & Innovation (R&I) of the chemical industry of Bangladesh. Under her leadership, the company has become the market leader in Masterbatch, Compounding and Hot-Melt Adhesives within a truly short span of time.

To further materialize her vision of revolutionizing the chemical industry into reality; a new venture called Redmin Industries Limited has been established. The products of Redmin Industries Limited will be all types of adhesives, masterbatches, thermoplastic resins, food & beverage chemicals, paint & ink, packaging, and other chemical solutions, being a comprehensive store for a wide range of industrial solutions. Her vision will be fully realized when Redmin will be able to cater to all the chemical needs of multiple industries across Bangladesh.

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