Managing Director of Redmin

S M Monjurul Alam Ovee

Personal Biography

An individual with a special proclivity towards strategy and planning, SM Monjurul Alam Ovee is the Managing Director of Redmin Industries Limited. His vigorous and dynamic personality helps to create trends that can be pivotal in making Bangladesh a more sustainable and productive Digital Bangladesh.

Mr. Ovee is a living, breathing, and dreaming entrepreneur. He has written his own success stories and is solidifying his legacy by setting unbeatable milestones by manufacturing first ever feature phones, smart phones, multilayer Printed Circuit Board (PCB), established Independent Design House of Smart Phones (IDH), and manufacturing facility of all the accessories associated with mobile phone in Bangladesh as well as the subcontinent which was unthinkable just a few years ago for the local mobile manufacturing industry. Due to the outstanding quality and affordable price the Cellular Phone with the label ‘Made in Bangladesh’ has successively achieved the trustworthiness of the mass people. Under his leadership, WALTON mobile was exported in USA which is a significant paradigm shift in device industry of our subcontinent. Mr. Ovee also introduced MARCEL mobile in Bangladesh market to cater the demand for communication needs of lower income population.

Mr. Ovee has notable success in software design and IT industry of Bangladesh as his business ideas are always futuristic.

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