Synthetic Resin Adhesives


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Synthetic Resin Adhesives

Water-based synthetic resin adhesives are renowned for their fast-drying times. Within 24 hours of application, the glue will reach its maximum binding strength. It is non-hazardous to use and has no smell. In the beginning, the adhesive wets the surface, filling the space between them, and then it solidifies. If properly applied, the synthetic resin is also waterproof and durable. On surfaces, it may be applied using a brush.

Synthetic Resin Adhesives provide the following advantages: Dries quickly, More coverage, Strong bonding power, Can be preserved for a longer period, Heat & water resistant, and Free from harmful chemicals.


Furniture and Wood Industry

Due to its quick and powerful bonding ability, synthetic resin adhesive is employed by specialists in this field for all sorts of woodwork.

Packaging Industry

Due of its water resistance, synthetic resin adhesive is frequently used in the packaging industry.

Paper Industry

Manufacturing and Assembling of Cigarette Tips, Drinking Straws, Multi-Divided Shopping Bags, Folding Sort Lunch Boxes, Sticking Marks, Films and Foils, Paper Sheets, Milk Cartons, and Envelopes, Paper Bags, Gummed Tapes, Paper Tubes, etc.

Ceramic Industry

Assembling of tile bonds.

Paint and coatings Industry

Concrete paints for official use in creating divisions.