Synthetic Rubber Adhesives


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Synthetic Rubber Adhesives

The most widely used solvent-based adhesives are those that are made of synthetic rubber. The contact adhesive in the solvent exhibits high bond strength. Adhesives sets up immediately and resists water and aging well. Applying it requires a brush or a roll. Additionally, the fact that it doesn’t contain benzene makes working with it safe.

Synthetic Rubber Adhesives provide the following advantages: Excellent thermal resistance, A variety of tack times, Excellent ageing characteristics, Soft bond lines, and Easy to use.


Carpet Industry

Synthetic rubber adhesives are frequently utilized in the carpet industry because of their superior aging and water resistance.

The Wood and Flooring Industry

The majority of industry experts select it as the ideal option for the profession due to its rapid dry time.

Footwear Industry

The adhesive is used for laminating the sole of the shoes to give it durability over weather and usage.