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At Redmin, we offer a comprehensive range of adhesive solution that provide reliable and strong bonding solutions for various applications. Our adhesive category encompasses four essential products: Book Binding Glue, Hot Melt Stick Glue, PU Adhesive for Flexible Packaging Lamination, and Packaging Glue. Each product is designed to meet specific bonding needs with exceptional performance and durability.


book binding glue

Book Binding Glue

Our Book Binding Glue is specially formulated to provide a strong and durable bond for bookbinding projects. Whether ...

Hot Melt Stick Glue

Ideal for a wide range of bonding applications, our Hot Melt Stick Glue offers quick and convenient bonding solutions. It is suitable for use in ...

Packaging Glue

Our Packaging Glue is a versatile adhesive solution for a wide range of packaging needs. It offers strong bonding properties ...

Packet of adheseives for adhesive solution

PU Lamination Adhesive For Flexible Packaging

When it comes to flexible packaging lamination, our PU Adhesive is the perfect choice. It delivers excellent adhesion and bonding strength ...